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About Our Owner

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I arrived in the United States in September of 2001 and worked in several cleaning companies to get experience because my goal was always the same - make our customers happy.

At the same time, I worked at the Sara Lee Co. plant in Alessandria, Kentucky, where I became supervisor of one of the production lines. Subsequently, I received a transcendental invitation to study and become a Lean agent (Lean Manufacturing is the production program that led to the success of the Japanese with the Toyota factory).

In 2008, I obtained United States citizenship and continued to prepare as a house-cleaning technician and as a Lean agent. I began to work at the Sara Lee plant as Trainer Lean Coordinator, responsible for creating the production policies of the different areas of the plant. In 2014, through one of the directors of Hillshire Brands, I received an invitation to speak at Northern Kentucky University to discuss my experience in the USA, including the meaning of the Lean Manufacturing Process and how it relates to motivation and quality work. The presentation was a total success.

The following year a new invitation was extended to speak about similar topics. In 2015, I was hired to implement the Lean experience at Advance Pierre Foods, responsible for implementing the production policies of more than 1,500 employees. Thus, I was responsible for creating the production policies of the different areas of the plant and create the training area and training mechanisms. This work was developed to satisfy an internal labor market of up to seven different languages. In 2016, I started as a University of Toledo student, studying international business. The results were positive and I have obtained a scholarship because of my excellent grades. I was included in the Honor Book as well. A year later, I decided to open Chappell Multiservice, Chappell Cleaning and Chappell Enterprise. Three companies that are currently in the market with the goal of meeting the needs of the Cincinnati population. The idea of planning and executing production lines under the Lean modality will be under their absolute control.

In 2012, in Cincinnati I created a Facebook page called "Chappell Comments". social network that in a few weeks already had more than 9,302 followers. Months later in 2013, I created the Facebook page "Laws of Soccer," which currently has more than 9, 328 followers. Later, I was invited to be a columnist in the magazine "Latina Noticia," where I currently write. One of my most valuable dreams, made true in my beloved city of Cincinnati, is having managed to put PERFECTA RADIO.COM "on the air" just at the beginning of 2018. This radio will have as a mission, among other things, to become an important communication and information "tool" of our Chappell Cleaning customers. Providing cleaning techniques through specialized programs. You just have to enter and enjoy the varied instrumental and rock music of all times 24/7. Everything I learned in Cincinnati, I developed it in this great project called "Chappell Cleaning". Where you are not a customer, you are a friend who will receive a fair price, cordial treatment and unconditional support to your needs, under our philosophy ... We are a small but GIANT company in all our services. Proud to live in Cincinnati!

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